Working With NEPS

We are always passionate about driving innovative solutions to our customers and suppliers, heading towards sustainable solutions that fulfil world’s growing industrial need.

We handhold the employees through their entire employee lifecycle starting from the day they join us, by assigning a mentor or a buddy with them.
We also share their performance in a very informal way & show them a career road map within this organization. Attracting, engaging and rewarding the employees has always acted as a catalyst to keep their spirit alive by providing them a plethora of engagement and learning activities. Based on their performances we Reward them Quarterly & Annually in our Reward & Recognition Ceremonies.

Above all, we value the provision of a safe environment where respect and empathy come naturally within employees. Where ideas are shared and developed while conflicts are resolved with maturity. We want the organization hum & to reverberate in the Global Platform making National Electrical Power Services “An Employer of Choice”: Where employees want to come happily, day after day after day….

Current Vacancies

National Electrical Power Services gives you an environment that facilitates personal growth and development. We are always looking for new and talented people who can contribute and grow to fill important roles within our organization. Join us to explore, learn and contribute in the whole new world…

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